ASCII art for tag emoticons

ASCII Art Gallery of smileys

:-)     Willie Shoemaker
 -(     always should wear safety glasses, especially in the laser
        burn-in room [entropy@fluke.UUCP]
!-(     black eye
        [The Grey Wolf,]
!.'v    (profile) flat top
#-)     partied all night
#:-)    for people whose hair is in a mess, like mine [Richard Treitel,
        smiley done by someone with matted hair [figmo@lll-crg.ARpA]
#:-o    "Oh, nooooooo!" (a la Mr. Bill) [Lynn Gold, figmo@lll-crg]
        smiley done by someone with matted hair
#:o+=   Betty Boop
$$      for academic jobs [Richard Treitel, ]
$$$     for industrial jobs [Richard Treitel,
$$$$    for people starting up their own company [Richard Treitel,
$-)     Alex P. Keaton (from "Family Ties")
        won big at Las Vegas
        won the lottery
%       for bike accidents (a bit far-fetched, I suppose) [Richard
        Treitel, ]
%')     after drinking a fifth for lunch
%*@:-(  hung over
%*}     very drunk [jeanette@randvax]
%+{     lost a fight
%-(I)   laughing out loud
%-)     Elephant man
        after staring at the terminal for 36 hours
        broken glasses
        drunk with laughter
        long bangs
%-6     braindead
%-   drunk with laughter
%-\     hungover
%-^     Picasso
%-{     sad variation
%-|     been working all night
%-}     humor variation
%-~     Picasso
%\v     Picasso
&-|     tearful
&.(..   crying
&:-)    curly hair
'-)     one eyed man
        only has a left eye, which is closed/wink
':-)    accidentally shaved off one of his eyebrows this morning
        one eyebrow
'~;E    unspecified 4-legged critter
( o ) ( o )     hooters
(-)     needing a haircut/needs a haircut
(-:     Australian
        Don Ellis from Tektronix
(-::-)  Siamese twins
(-:|:-) Siamese twins
(-E:    wearing bifocals [jeanette@randvax]
(-_-)   secret smile
(-o-)   Imperial Tie Fighter ("Star Wars")
(00)    mooning you
(8-)    wears glasses
(8-o    Mr. Bill
(8-{)}  glasses, moustache and a beard
(:  (=| wearing a ghost costume
(:)-)   likes to scuba dive
        scuba diving
(:+)    big nose
(:-     unsmiley frowning
(:-#    I am smiling and I have braces (watch out for the glare!)
        said something he shouldn't have
(:-$    ill
(:-&    angry
(:-(    frowning
        unsmiley frowning
(:-)    big-face
        no hair
        smiley big-face
        wearing bicycle helmet
(:-*    kissing
(:-...  heart-broken
(:-D    blabber mouth
(:-I    egghead
(:-\    VERY sad
(:-{~   bearded
(:-|K-  formally attired
(:-<   thief: hands up!
(:I     egghead
(:^(    broken nose
(@ @)   You're kidding!
(O--<   fishy
(V)=|   pacman champion
([(     Robocop
(}-8]   left-handed bearded smiley with glasses and headphones
        [Dave Straker,]
)       Cheshire cat
)8-)    scuba smiley big-face
):-(    unsmiley big-face
):-)    smiley big-face
*!#*!^*&:-)     a schizophrenic
**      for winter sports generally [Richard Treitel,
*-(     Cyclops got poked in the eye
*-)     shot dead
*8-)    Beaker (the Muppet lab assistant) [James Cameron]
*:*     fuzzy
*:**    fuzzy with a fuzzy mustache
*:o)    Bozo the Clown
*    Rudolph the reindeer
3:-o    cow
3:[     mean pet smiley
3:]     pet smiley
3:o[    net.pets
4:-)    George Washington
5:-)    Elvis Presley
6\/)    elephant
7:)     Ronald Reagan
7:-)    Fred Flintstone
7:^]    Ronald Reagan
8       infinity
8 :-)   wizard
8 :-I   net.unix-wizards
8(:-)   Mousketeer
        Walt Disney
8)      frog
8*)     glasses and a moustache [ins_ajpo@jhunix.UUCP]
8-#     death
8-)     excited
        wide-eyed look [figmo@lll-crg.ARpA]
8-*     just ate a hot pepper
8-O     "Omigod!!" (done after "rm -rf *" ?)
        took too many nodoz to work on thesis
8-O  --*        just before doubling over with pain
                [David Gundlach,]
8-P     reaction to College Cafeteria Coffee
        [The Grey Wolf,]
8-]     "wow, maaan"
8-o     Mr. Bill
8-|     eyes wide with surprise
8:)     pig [The Grey Wolf,]
8:-)    glasses on forehead
        little girl
8:]     gorilla
8=:-)   Galloping Gourmet
8===>   dickhead
8P      bullfrog in mating season
8^      chicken [jeanette@randvax]
8_)     don't get your nose out of joint
        [Andrew Williams,]
8b      bullfrog in mating season
: )     leper
:###)   Jimmy Durante
:$)     Donald Trump
:%)     an accountant
:%)%    has acne
:'-(    crying
:'-)    crying with happiness
:'O     Bob Hope [Charles J. Lord,]
:'}     Richard Nixon [Charles J. Lord,]
:(      sad
:)      cheshire cat smile
        midget smiley
:*      kisses
:*)     Ed McMahon
        drunk smiling face, for those of us who like get intoxicated
        before or while reading netnews
        smile with moustache [ins_ajpo@jhunix.UUCP]
:+(     punched nose, hurt
:+)     Carl Friedrich Gauss
:,(     crying
:-      male
        prolog programmer [Jeff Winslow, jeffw@midas.UUCP]
:-!     bland face
        smiley bland face
:-"     heavy smoker
        pursing lips
:-#     braces
        mouth zipped
        my lips are sealed
        punched in the mouth
:-#|    bushy mustache
        smiley face with bushy mustache
:-$     mouth wired shut
        smiley face with it's mouth wired shut
:-%     banker
        smiley banker
        talking out of both sides of mouth
:-&     tongue-tied
:-'     smoker
:-'|    has a cold
:-(     Drama
        boo hoo
        has read too many 'smiley' articles
        sad face, 'that comment makes me sad (mad)'
:-(  )  You backed your car over my toe
:-(  :- impotent (or let down)
        [David Gundlach,]
:-( )   You stepped on my toe
:-()    I stubbed my toe
:-(*)   sick of netnews articles, about to vomit
:-(0)   yelling
:-(=)   big teeth
:-(O)   yelling
:-)     Comedy
        Your basic smiley. This smiley is used to inflect a sarcastic
        or joking statement since we can't hear voice inflection over
        ha ha
        smiley standard
        the normal smiling face, appended to a sentence or an article
        means 'this is a joke' or 'this is supposed to make you laugh'
:-)   , outie belly button
:-)   . innie belly button
:-)   8 Dolly Parton
:-)   < slut
:-)   <  ...  :-)   <  ...  :-)   <  ...        nymphomaniac
:-)   > celibate
:-)  -8 blue balls [David Gundlach,]
:-)  -: smiley with an erection
        [David Gundlach,]
:-)  -^-:       in need of some corrective surgery
        [David Gundlach,]
:-)  :-...      taking a leak
        [David Gundlach,]
:-) )-: masking theatrical comments
:-) --- John Holmes
:-) ... :-( ... :-) ... :-( ... manic depressive
:-) 8  -        female [David Gundlach,]
:-) :-) :-)     loud guffaw
:-)!!!  Sam Kinnison
:-)'    drooling
:-))    double chin
:-)))   William Conrad
        very overweight
:-)--   98-pound weakling
:-)-8   big girl
:-)-O   smiling doctor with stethoscope
:-)-{8  big girl
:-)-}8  big girl
:-)8    man with bowtie
        well dressed
:-)==   Arnold Schwarzenegger
:-)X    wearing a bowtie
:-)}    has goatee/beard
:-)~    drooling
:-*     Oops!
        Oops! (covering mouth with hand)
        after eating something bitter or sour
:-,     "Hmmmm."
:--)    Jamie Farr (Klinger from M*A*S*H)
:------------)  big liar
:-/     lefty undecided smiley
:-0     No Yelling! (Quiet Lab)
        smiley orator
        user can't find shift key
:-1     bland face
        smiley bland face
:-6     after eating something sour
        smiley after eating something sour
:-7     smiley after a wry statement
        smokes a pipe
        talking out of side of mouth
        wry face
:-8     talking out both sides of your mouth
:-8(    condescending stare
:-9     licking its lips
        smiley licking it's lips
:-:     mutant
        mutant smiley
:-<     frowning
        real sad
        real sad smiley
:-=)    Adolph Hitler
        older smiley with mustache
:->     biting sarcastic face
        deformed lips
        hey hey
        yet another smiley
:->X==| smiley formalware [Peter da Silva,]
:-?     smiley smoking a pipe
        smoking a pipe
:-@     "I swear"
        beard has permanent wave *or* was drawn by Picasso.
        extremely angry
        smiley face screaming
:-B     drooling
:-C     just totally unbelieving
        really bummed out
:-D     big smile
        laughing (at you!)
        said with a smile
        talking too much
        wider happy face [figmo@lll-crg.ARpA]
:-E     bucktoothed vampire
        has major dental problems
:-F     bucktoothed vampire with one tooth missing
:-G-    smoking cigarettes
:-I     hmm
:-J     tongue-in-cheek comments
:-M     speaking no evil
:-O     Mr. Bill
        ohh, big mouth, Mick Jagger
        uh oh
:-O>-o  smiley American tourist (note big mouth and camera)
:-P     Nyahhhh!
        has a secret to tell you
        nyah nyah
        sticking out tongue
        telling secrets
        tongue hanging out in anticipation
:-Q     smoker
:-Q~    smoking
:-R     has the flu
:-S     just made an incoherent statement
:-T     keeping a straight face
        keeping a straight face (tight-lipped)
:-V     shouting
:-W     speak with forked tongue
:-X     A big wet kiss!
        bow tie
        my lips are sealed
:-Y     a quiet aside
:-[     biting criticism
        biting criticism smiling face, ditto for criticism
        un-smiley blockhead
:-\     Popeye
        undecided smiley
:-\  8o after a cold shower [David Gundlach,]
:-]     biting sarcasm
        biting sarcasm smiling face, used when sarcasm is intended,
        since we cannot inflect our voice over the net
        smiley blockhead
:-`     smiley spitting out its chewing tobacco
        spitting out chewing tobacco
:-a     lefty smiley touching tongue to nose
:-b     left-pointing tongue
        left-pointing tongue smiley
:-c     bummed out
        real unhappy
:-d     lefty smiley razzing you
:-d~    smokes heavily
:-e     disappointed
        disappointed smiley
:-f     sticking tongue out
:-i     semi-smiley
:-j     left smiling
        left smiling smiley
:-k     beats me, looks like something, tho
        beats me, looks like something, though
:-l     y.a.s.
        yet another smiley
:-o     "Oh, nooooooo!" (a la Mr. Bill) [figmo@lll-crg.ARpA]
        Mr. Bill
        Uh oh!
        singing national anthem
        smiley singing national anthem
:-o  ^^^^:      after zipping up fly too fast
        [David Gundlach,]
:-p     smiley sticking its tongue out (at you!)
:-p~    smokes heavily
:-q     smiley trying to touch its tongue to its nose
        trying to touch tongue to nose
:-r     sticking tongue out
:-s     after a BIZARRE comment
        smiley after a BIZARRE comment
:-t     cross smiley
:-v     speaking
        talking head smiley
:-w     speak with forked tongue
:-x     "my lips are sealed"
        "my lips are sealed" smiley
        kiss kiss
        not telling any secrets
:-y     said with a smile
:-z     y.a.s.
        yet another cross smiley
:-{     mustache
        smiley variation on a theme
:-{  -__-:      after slamming the toilet seat
        [David Gundlach,]
:-{#}   messages teasing people about their braces
:-{)    moustache
        normal smiling face with a moustache
:-{}    heavy lipstick
:-{~    has read too many of the toilet paper articles previous to
:-|     "have an ordinary day"
        "have an ordinary day" smiley
        no expression
        no expression face, 'that comment doesn't phase me'
:-| 8( )-       pregnant female
        [David Gundlach,]
:-||    angry
:-}     "Thish wine tashted pretty good"
        normal smiling face with pretty lips
        pretty lips
        wears lipstick or some other lip appearance improving device
:-}  -oo-:      taking matters into hand
        [David Gundlach,]
:-~)    has a cold
:/)     not funny
:/7)    Cyrano de Bergerac
:/i     no smoking
:3-<    dog
:8)     pig
::-)    wears glasses
:<      midget unsmiley
        what pretences!
:--->----      a rose
@O=E8*)  devilish chef with glasses and a moustache
C=}>;*{))       mega-smiley... a drunk, devilish chef with
                a toupee in an updraft, a mustache, and a double chin
C=}>;*{O)       mega-smiley... a drunk, devilish chef with
                a toupee in an updraft, a mustache, and a double chin
C|:-=   Charlie Chaplin
E-:-)   ham radio operator
E-:-I   net.ham-radio
EK(     Frankenstien
Honk!  oo---oo-Bo       semi-truck moving right
        [Michael Cook,]
K:P     a little kid with a propeller beanie
L:-)    just graduated
M-)     sees no evil
M-),:X),:-M     sees no evil, hears no evil, speaks no evil
M:-)    saluting
O 8-)   the angelic halo look
        [Andrew Williams,]
O :-)   an angel (at heart, at least)
O |-)   net.religion
O+      appropriate for women's messages, surely?
        [Richard Treitel, ]
O-&-<   doing nothing
O-(==<  chastised and/or chagrined, or is merely asleep.
O-)     Megaton Man, on patrol!
        [Matthew P. Wiener, weemba@brahms.BERKELEY.EDU]
        scuba diver
O-G-<   pointing to self
O-S-<   in a hurry
O-Z-<   in a big hurry
O:-)    acting very innocent (halo)
        with halo
color scheme