ASCII art for tag camelized

ASCII Art Dolphin Poem in the shape of dolphin

                                        The Dolphins' Way,
                      In Me          Aspirations of the living
                   sea The dolphins do move within    me The aura of
                     their soul, I feel deep down To be in the water
                        and not on ground Sifting through the
                          ocean, an expressing show Communi-
                        cation of a song and a blow Pro-
                     tecting even those not of their
                  kind They ask nothing in return,
             they do not mind The most gracious
          and unselfish of all that wander I
      wish to swim with them, nothing   could
    be fonder The dolphins mean so     much
 to me, you see I need to thank      them,
for showing us how to be                           (Donovan 1997)

Dolphin by Donovan
color scheme